Beast Hunters Version 1.5 System Reference Document

Beast Hunters 1.5E SRD

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Welcome to the System Reference Document for the patched version of Beast Hunters, aka Beast Hunters 1.5. The rules contained herein are the complete rules used to create characters and play games of Beast Hunters. The parts that are missing are the non-rules ones: setting material, beasts and tattoos, advice, and examples. The patched rules are completely optional; you can use the original Beast Hunters rules just fine. These patched rules simply reflect a change in our play style preferences.

This update has four main goals: make character creation faster, with reduced creative burnout; streamline adversity creation; allow players to use traits more flexibly, with added tactical potential; and rework the goals system to make it more suspenseful and rewarding. The following is a listing of all the changes:

Character Creation
Adversity Cost


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